Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

theres a war!!!!

there seems to be a war on Krazy Comics and Random Stix. there is also a war against 4 square rools and who wants to change them and who wants to keep them the way they want. You know my friend kaz right? he is the peace keeper in this whole thing both the comis and the 4 square. hes so cool.

well i'm starting over from the start and i hope you like my blog

well aparently i'm starting over and i hope you like it. I have multiple buisness' let me name them for you.

  • lazer tag!!
  • comics (see stick animations)
  • drawings
  • anything.

so far on the drawing side, i drew 7 pictures, laminated of course and the drawings i dreware a soldier skull, chibi spunge bob, that mario ghost(boo), scream, chibi soldier, mushroom(angry mushroom from mario), and the gummy bear. the comics on that side were by random stix, the star is bob the beaten up stick figure, lazer tag on that side, well, i would like as many donations from people. they don't even have to be dollers, its called pennys for lazer tag guns. i don't have them so thats why i need a donation. ANYTHING means well any ideas that you have for me. BYE!